Systema Rukopashnii Boi (CAS)

Systema Rukopashnii Boi is a Combat system used in various forms by special forces of the former USSR. Each special unit had developed its own version, incorporating, more or less, traditional Slavic, Cossack or Asian arts into the Samoz system of Vladimir Spiridonov, depending on the different areas of influence of these.

According to Oleg Boulanov, who learned Sambo Rukopasnii Boi in Russia, the term « Rukopasnii Boi » is composed of three words, Ruka (рука) the hand, Pakhat (пахать) plowing the earth or working very hard and Boi (бой) fighting.

So if we imagine that we have to plow the land with bare hands, the movements must be fast and strong.

This brings us back to the famous formula of General Alexander Vassilievich Suvorov, the greatest military genius in Russian history and one of the few generals to have never been defeated: « What is hard at training will be easy during the battle ».

Finally, the acquisition of greater mobility and fluidity focuses on three complementary principles: