ISCP is currently teaching a synthesis of Combat methods (CAS), used by among others the Russian Special Forces, police and military.

Based on a thorough knowledge of the body and mind, this versatile system combines both Borba Sambo et Boevoe Sambo techniques, derived from several decades of scientific research in the USSR on the body biomechanics, and Systema Rukopashnii Boi, a thousand-year-old art form where fluid movements are associated with very simple levers effects for carrying out checks and strikes.

In other words, from the hundreds of movements that our body can do, the goal is to retain those that have a universal character and that can be applied at any time. This continuous impregnation is reinforced by the practice of the long stick and the defense work on a knife.

This pragmatic approach allows our practitioners to quickly develop defensive reflexes just right, people coming to personal defense can't afford ten years to devote before being able to ensure their own safety.

Finally, our method of combat is based on principles of graduated neutralization where the brute force intervenes little, which makes it as adapted to a female public as to security professionals concerned with the respect of current regulations.

Oleg Boulanov, Master of Sport, Technical Director, Graduate of Russia
Jean-Marc Liger, National Master, Federal Formative, FFL&DA Instructor

What is Sambo ?
What is Systema Rukopashnii Boi ?

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