We continue to develop the specificities of our Slavic tradition and family school:

  • a non-rigid system that relies on the rhythm and fluid movement of weapons, stick, knife and Shashka, demanding but accessible to all and that can be deepened at home,
  • work and mutual help, conviviality during and after classes,
  • children who can accompany their parents on Saturdays.

So that everyone can situate themselves and evolve in the practice of our method (CAS) we introduce a very simple level system:

  • white: beginner
  • blue: intermediate
  • red: advanced
  • black: expert

For professional reasons our friend Oleg will be less present this year, but it will be an opportunity to enhance his expertise in specific sessions and go tease other experts.

This is the program of re-entry, we hope that it will suit you knowing that the involvement of each will serve the progress of the group and that the distant elders distant for various reasons will always be welcome in our common house.

Oleg Boulanov, Master of Sport, Technical Director, Graduate of Russia
Jean-Marc Liger, National Master, Federal Formative, FFL&DA Instructor

What is Sambo ?
What is Systema Rukopashnii Boi ?

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