Stage in the center of Tignons April 29 to May 2, 1999 - Bouin

Report and photos by Nicolas Sosnowiez

As usual, Jean-Marc had drunk.

He made us go through Istanbul to join Vendée.

Lunch was at the best table Leclerc, no, not the cafetaria, the parking ...

At the end of eight o'clock we arrived.

Time to take some pictures and to oil our body,

we were ready to meet Raymond. In the bottom right, Raymond says hello to Danny.

After the duck aiguillettes we went to watch the landscape and a good K7 fight ...

Then came the training led by Jean-Marc who explains the belt's passage.

But for Raymond and Danny all this was very vague ...

The next day it is Laurent who says hello to Raymond.

Then bike ride after repairing them.

Drop your head, you'll look like 1 runner!

After a brief concert, we began to drink thinking of Le Havre,

this city of s&*# which lengthened our journey of 4 hours,

of Istanbul also that Jean-Marc knows very little ...

At the Tignons: Drug Rehab Detoxification Center.

At the Tignons, the violence gives reason to the strongest ...

Attention on the following page, Xceptional image: Raymond takes a planchette ...

Nico Redac 'Chef - May 1999

Les Tignons

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